What Is ParentsNext ?

Our ParentsNext service helps parents identify their education and employment goals, develop a pathway to achieve their goals and link them to activities and services in the local community.

As a ParentsNext provider, we can assist parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their youngest child reaches school age 

What will I Gain ?

ParentsNext participants get help to:

  • Identify education and employment goals

  • Develop a pathway to achieve their goals

  • Combine preparing for work with parenting responsibilities

  • Access activities and services in the local community.

Participants in the Intensive Stream may be able to access a range of other support including a participation fund, wage subsidies and relocation assistance.

Who Is Eligible?

Parents may have to participate in ParentsNext if they have:

  • received Parenting Payment for the last six months

  • not had employment earnings during this period, and

  • a child aged under six years.

Centrelink will contact parents who need to participate in ParentsNext and connect them to a local provider.

Parents who receive Parenting Payment and have a child under six years can volunteer for ParentsNext if they live in an Intensive Stream location.

Can I Bring My Children ?

The ParentsNext office has a children’s corner as well, so I can bring my son along to my appointments and he can play while we talk.

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