Wage Subsidies

The Wage Subsidy Scheme offers financial assistance of up to $1500 to employers who employ eligible people with disability who are registered with a Disability Employment Services provider. The subsidy requires employers to employ the person for a minimum of eight hours a week for 13 weeks, with the intent of achieving sustainable employment


Disabled Australian Apprenticeship Wage Support

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS) is an Australian Government incentive payable to an employer who employs an Australian Apprentice who satisfies the disability eligibility criteria in an Australian Apprenticeship. This wage support is also available to an employer who employs an Australian Apprentice who acquires a disability during their apprenticeship or traineeship.


Supported Wage System

Supported Wage System is a workplace relations mechanism that allows employers to pay a productivity based wage to eligible people whose work productivity is reduced as a result of disability. Most Australians who have disability and participate in the open workforce do so at full rates of productivity and pay. However, some people are unable to get a job at full wage rates due to the effect of disability on their level of work productivity. Employers must have access to a Supported Wage System provision in their industrial award or agreement to enable the use of Supported Wage System productivity based wages. The Australian Government contracts a panel of independent assessors to conduct workplace productivity assessments for employers who wish to employ people with disability under the Supported Wage System provisions. The Supported Wage System operates within the normal federal and state industrial relations frameworks. An employment services provider can tell you more about the system and help you apply for it as appropriate.


Employers are finding that employing a person with a disability is a sound business decision. Smart employers recruit and welcome talent with disability. In a majority of cases, people with disability are able to work and want to find a job. They simply need to be given the chance to show what they can do. The benefits include:
  • Having a positive effect on staff morale
  • Being a business that is disability friendly can lead to customer loyalty and being an employer of choice
  • People with a disability generally rate average or better on attendance and rate higher than average in retention, resulting in cost savings in recruitment and training.

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