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Peedac Pty Ltd

Our vision is of a strong Indigenous community where our people can participate in mainstream economic activities through employment or business ownership and can develop and manage community based projects to solve local problems.  We see this as a means for achieving economic self-sufficiency and well being for our people.


Our operations are underpinned by the values of:

  • Respect for the rights and privacy of our Staff and clients;
  • Respect for Indigenous culture and a recognition of diversity within the Indigenous community in our area of operations;
  • Responsibility to make decisions in a fair, equitable, consistent and transparent manner without bias;
  • to be a “best practice” organisation, to achieve this through a commitment to continuous improvement

We provide support and assistance to Aboriginal people to become economically empowered while recognising and retaining their cultural strength and identity.


PEEDAC is best at:

  1. Providing connections with business and industry promoting Aboriginal people as an integral part of a skilled workforce.
  2. Providing a welcoming environment and accessing connections within the community to provide assistance and support
  3. Developing enterprises which not only employ Aboriginal people but which also improve the economic base of the organisation





Our uniqueness is our connection with the Aboriginal community and our strong focus on economic empowerment for Aboriginal people.

Our Logo

The circular shape is unique in Aboriginal art or storytelling as a symbol depicting various objects of significance in transferring meaning or knowledge.

The curved lines and dots symbolise Peedac’s connection with Aboriginal groups, industries and businesses. The inward arrows point to the hub within the logo representing the administration that are united by a two-way flow of information. The lines between each area represent non-Aboriginal people and businesses working with Peedac as part of the national reconciliation process.

The History of Peedac Pty Ltd

Our beginnings – 1994 to 1999

  • The Medina Aboriginal Cultural Group (Inc.) commenced operating the CDEP in the Kwinana area in 1994.  Initially with 50 participants.
  • In consultation with ATSIC, the CDEP was transferred to a new organisation, the Kwinana Rockingham Aboriginal Corporation (KRAC) in 1996.  This was to allow the CDEP to expand across the Perth Metropolitan Area.
  • As part of the expansion, the organisation changed its name to the Perth Employment and Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation (PEEDAC) on 20/07/97.

Our growth / development 2000 to 2005

  • The Indigenous Employment Centre (IEC) commenced in September 2002.
  • November 2004: P.E.E.D.A.C. changed its name to Kaarta-Moorda Aboriginal Corporation (K.M.A.C.).
  • In August 2005 JobTrainWA Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Peedac, is established as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Our successes – 2006 to 2008

  • During 2006/2007 the Indigenous Employment Centre and CDEP programs managed to place more than 300 participants into full-time non-subsidised employment. One of the best employment outcome results on a National level.
  • July 2007: Peedac won a DEWR contract to deliver Structured Training Employment Program & Employment Related Services (STEPERS).
  • In 2007 Peedac began a partnership with Little Acorn Property Group and formed a company, Condil Property Development.
  • In January 2008, after a 9 months tender process, Peedac’s application was successful in winning a Community Radio Licence, for the greater Perth Region. The beginnings of our now award-winning highly successful 100.9 FM Noongar Community Radio.

Our new ventures – 2009 to 2010 and continues

  • 2009 Community Support Service  based in Peedac Cannington office.
  • In 2009 a partnership was developed with 3 other Indigenous organisations in Noongar country named NOW Consortium.
  • NOW Employment Services commenced in July 2009 with Peedac as  the lead agency for the NOW Consortium.
  • Peedac won the contract to host the Indigenous Employment Programme (IEP) under DEEWR.
  • Disability Support Services (DES) was another contract that Peedac won in 2010
  • National Green Jobs, a federal Government initiative, offered 9 tenders nationally and Peedac was one of those successful tenders.


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